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Gangster Chronicle

Mango Street
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Back in 1990, London rappers Bionic and Rodney P released arguably the first true UK hip-hop album. A potent blend of hip hop, reggae, dub and cockneyfied rhymes, their debut album Gangster Chronicle was also to be their last. Successful though it was, when their label went bust, it ceased to be commercially available. Rodney P later became a leading light in UK hip-hop, Bionic got into drum ‘n’ bass, and Gangster Chronicle was all but forgotten about. Well, kind of, most of us have always held the album in high regard when talking about classics from the UK, and it’s certainly stood the test of time.

Still sounding as rough and rugged as it did back then, this is the original cd version on Mango Street.

(2nd hand, near mint condition cd and sleeve, only 1 copy in stock)

01. Money Mad

02. Livin’ Pancoot

03. Original London Style

04. Remedy For The Black Ash Blues

05. Jump Around

06. Sexy Gal ft. Culture Mark

07. Gangster Chronicle

08. Live Like The Other Half Do

09. Oversized Idiot

10. Tell Me Something

11. Money Mad Bonus Beats


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