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Gangster Chronicle: The Definitive Collection

Tru Thoughts

Re-release of one of THE seminal UK hip hop albums of all time. This 27 track double CD version from 2013 of Gangster Chronicle features the full original album tracklisting, plus unheard tracks and remixes, exclusive to this pressing.

Back in 1990, London rappers Bionic and Rodney P released arguably the first true UK hip-hop album. A potent blend of hip hop, reggae, dub and cockneyfied rhymes, their debut album Gangster Chronicle was also to be their last. Successful though it was, when their label went bust, it ceased to be commercially available. Rodney P later became a leading light in UK hip-hop, Bionic got into drum ‘n’ bass, and Gangster Chronicle was all but forgotten about. Well, kind of, most of us have always held the album in high regard when talking about classics from the UK, and it’s certainly stood the test of time.

Still sounding as rough and rugged as it did back then, and with the extra tracks it’s even more of a bonus! Remix pressure also comes from the likes of Wrongtom, Sparkii Ski, Hint and more. And yes, they do it justice. It also comes complete with a full colour booklet and extensive liner notes.

* Previously unreleased

Cd 1 :

01. Money Mad

02. Livin Pancoot

03. Original London Style

04. Remedy For The Black Ash Blues

05. Jump Around

06. Sexy Gal -Feat.Culture Mark

07. Gangster Chronicle

08. Live Like The Other Half Do

09. Oversized Idiot

10. Tell Me Something

11. Hows Life In London

12. Style

13. Jump Around (Censored Mix)

14. Money Mad (Drumagick Jungle Remix) *

Cd 2 :

01. Future No.1 *

02. Diamonds Are Forever *

03. London Massive *

04. Roughnecks *

05. Style (The Nextmen Remix)

06. Shut The Fuck Up Bitch You Cant Sing

07. Gangster Chronicles (Sparkii Ski Remix) *

08. Hows Life In London (Bogle Remix)

09. Jump Around (Nomad Soul Remix)

10. Money Mad (Wrongtom Remix) *

11. Gangster Chronicle (Steve Mason Kronk Remix) *

12. London Stylee (Hint Version) *

13. Money Mad (Drumagick Step Remix) *


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