Ramson Badbonez

Give Badbonez A Break 2


Holy shit, out of nowhere comes Ramson Badbonez with a colossal rhymefest, following up his legendary Give Badbonez A Break release with a part 2. Breaks dropped, rhymes sprayed, duppy’s dun. Standard. Jazz T provides effortless cuts alongside the effortless flows, plus guest emcees Mysdiggi, Diligent Fingers, M.A.B, Revilo & Jinxta JX also feature.

01. The Bad Guy

02. Three Steps

03. What Soap Is Yours ft. Jinxsta JX

04. Tear Gas Activism ft. Diligent Fingers

05. Bank Notes | Groundhog Day

06. Drunken Monkeys

07. Bun The Bible

08. Mix & Blend / Satan’s Favourite

09. Blow Me ft. Mysdiggi

10. Tongue Tied ft. M.A.B

11. Jamaican Rum ft. Revilo

12. Dingo Den

13. Bad N Ugly ft. Twizzy

14. You’re Mentally Ill

15. Suck Sushi

16. Up N Out


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