Great. On Purpose

High Focus Records

⁠Sporting 15-tracks of evolutionary music, Great. On Purpose is without question True’s most ambitious body of work to date.⁠

Since sharing the unrelenting lead single Talkk featuring Mysdiggi, and after a double serving on follow up Really Wanna Love x Still Don’t Wanna, the album is a rollercoaster ride. Just listen to her most recent single Yourself or The World? featuring the almighty Skinnyman if you’re in need of anymore proof.

Featuring a heavyweight lineup of guest appearances from the aforementioned Skinnyman and Mysdiggi, but also including Janel Antoneshia, Vaddy, Princess, Ashley Allen, and DJ Sammy B-Side, complemented by Illinformed, GhostTown, Pitch 92, Forest DLG, Muckaniks, Mark Fear and Bear on production duties – Great. On Purpose is STACKED from top-to-tail.

01. Womp [Uhuh]

02. Really Wanna Love

03. Yourself or The World? ft. Skinnyman

04. In The World or Of The World? ft. Janel Antoneshia

05. Curve ft. Vaddy

06. Stooshe Then, Stooshe Now

07. Chatty Patty

08. Talkk ft. Mysdiggi

09. Neither

10. Flip A Coin

11. Dark Shades

12. Beyoncé / Tortoise & The Hare ft. Princess

13. Old Ting, New Ting

14. Still Don’t Wanna

15. I Feel Good [So Good]


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