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High Focus Records is proud to present TrueMendous’ first official release on the label, the highly anticipated Huh? EP. This 7 track EP is the perfect introduction to TrueMendous – One of the most talented MCs from these shores whether it be her storytelling expertise, varied range or unrivalled flow. Taking reign as the first female rapper to sign to High Focus Records she is definitely one to look out for. With production from Chemo, Pitch 92, Illinformed, Winchester and Marcus Jakes this EP is going to make a serious dent in the scene. Featuring singles That Don’t Mean and O.T.Y.L Part 2, the Huh? EP sets the tone for TrueMendous’ future with unparalleled confidence.

01. That Don’t Mean

02. Meerkatz

03. O.T.Y.L Part 2

04. Sweetheart

05. Sumtymes

06. Out My Face

07. Hmmm


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