In The Hour Of Chaos


The killer debut from The Iguana Man in 2006, featuring ill production from Jehst, Chemo, LG, Beat Butcha, DJ IQ, Tranqill, Alhamra and Kashmere himself, plus guest emcees Verb T, Iron Braydz, Jehst, Red, Severe & Dramacyde. Ill styles, don’t sleep.

(Limited copies in stock)

01. Intro

02. The Ark

03. Black Sea Ft. Red & Verb T

04. Souls Of The Unborn Ft. Jehst

05. God Will Protect Us (Skit)

06. Bones

07. Opium Foetus Ft. Verb T

08. Dead Gorillsas On Broadway

09. Spawn Of Pazuzu Ft. Severe & Dramacide

10. Have Faith

11. Playing With Fire

12. Divine Communication Ft. Iron Braydz

13. Let’s Go (Skit)

14. Lady Of The Lake

15. Alpha To Omega

16. Veronica R.I.P

17. Outro


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