The Untapped Project Presents

Industry Lockdown Vol.2

Dark N Cold

Are UK Hip Hop and Grime both the same thing? A style of underground music which is currently taking over and controlling the streets of London.

This DVD aims to answer that question with interviews, ciphas, freestyles and live performances from the artists and producers who are making waves on the UK scene.

Industry Lockdown Vol.2 gives you an in-depth look into the diverse and exciting genres of Grime & Hip Hop, as well as looking at the differences between the UK and US underground music scene. Featuring freestyles from Skibadee, Jammer & Ears, Reveal, Akala, K9, Bruza, Graf & Sincere, Narstie, Wiley, Crazy Titch and more. Plus music videos from B.Sharp, Akala, Pluto, PDC, Thug Family, Crazy Titch & Street Dreams.

Also included with this DVD is a 76 minute bonus mix CD featuring the likes of SMS, Skibadee, Mike GLC, Crazy Titch, Wiley, Akala, Narstie, PDC and many more…

Running time 185 mins.

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