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Exploring uncharted territories both through his raw yet refined lyricism and musical soundscape, Fliptrix flips the notion of conventions on its head and delivers this in the form of brand new album Inexhale. Expanding the lexicon of Hip Hop, the project goes beyond the boundaries as he takes you on a metaphorical journey buried deep with out of the box symbolism and concepts.

The album, produced by the highly respected Joe Corfeild, Molotov & Chemo, takes us on a journey that not only marks a maturity in Fliptrix’s sound but demonstrates a depth that explores and pays homage to different influences. The juxtaposition of the title Inexhale gives a premonition into the complexity of his sound as it leads into a transition. With features from Ocean Wisdom, Skinnyman, Coops, Onoe Caponoe, Datkid & Carmody the record is peppered with some epic guest vocals.

(Comes with a 12 page lyric booklet)

01. Inhale Ft. Coops

02. New Breath

03. Too Close To The Sun

04. Flying Ft. Carmody

05. Bagging Up Music

06. No Time To Rewind

07. The Window

08. Inside The Ride Ft. Ocean Wisdom & Onoe Caponoe

09. One Hundred Ft. Datkid

10. Catch Banter Ft. Jammz & Capo Lee

11. It’s Like That

12. Locked Down

13. Thriller Ft. Skinnyman

14. Take Off

15. Exhale

16. Beyond Breath (Outro)


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