Diversion Tactics

Influence / School Thing

Zebra Traffic
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A 2002 release for Guildford crew Diversion Tactics, made up of Zygote, Jazz T, Squeaky and the Chubby Alcoholic. Influence was taken from their Pubs, Drunks And Hip-Hop album, whilst School Thing is exclusive to this 12″. Instrumentals and acapella’s also present. Dope 12″!

(2nd hand, near mint condition promo vinyl, very good+ condition label sleeve, only 1 copy in stock)

A1. Influence (Dirty)

A2. Influence (Clean)

A3. Influence (Instrumental)

A4. Influence (Accapella)

B1. School Thing

B2. School Thing (Clean)

B3. School Thing (Instrumental)

B4. School Thing (Acapella)


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