Pitch 92


High Focus Records

Pitch 92′ rather impressive Intervals album, once again showcasing this producer as a master in his field. Guests onboard include Jehst, Dr Syntax, Doctor Outer, Kiko Bun, Kofi Stone, King Kashmere, Verb T, Confucius MC, Verbz, ASM, Manik MC & Lord Apex. Big in the game!

01. Iph-Ro ft. King Kashmere

02. Under The Sun ft. Kofi Stone

03. Live From London ft. Jehst

04. All In ft. Verb T

05. Wife Of Odin ft. Doctor Outer

06. Comin’ Home ft. Verbz

07. Intervals

08. Lullaby ft. Confucius MC

09. 365 ft. Manik MC

10. Good With Me ft. Kiko Bun, Lord Apex & Jehst

11. Suttin In The Trunk ft. Lord Apex

12. On & On ft. Dr. Syntax

13. Sacred Path ft. ASM

14. 1992


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