The Menagerie

Irregular Spirits

Tea Sea Records

The mighty Menagerie collective return for 2013 with a killer set of material, once again produced by the don that is Tom Caruana. Vocals come from Elemental, Dizraeli, Longusto, Koaste, Jon Clarke, Dr Syntax, Teej, Mole, Vecks, Sadie Jemmett and Baba Brinkman, plus cuts from Nick Maxwell.

01. Hallucination Generation

02. Are You Serious?

03. Coming Home To You

04. Mutations

05. Irregular Spirits

06. Down

07. Never (Ever) Again

08. Game Of Death

09. Keep Your Head Down

10. Shelter You

11. Frogs

12. Ice Cold

13. Experimental Station

14. Feel So Sick

15. Postcard Home

16. Tidal Wave


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