Mr Slipz

It Don't Stop

Yogocop Records

Mr Slipz returns with his full length debut solo album It Don’t Stop. Full of the golden era influenced heat that we have come to expect from the Yogocop heavyweight, this ambitious project features some of the finest rappers currently killing the game in the UK and overseas, brought together for a flawlessly formed modern classic. Combining vintage boom bap ethics with modern lo-fi tastes, It Don’t Stop is further proof that the head chef Slipz is one of the most talented producers around right now. Features come from Freedom (Strangelove), Forktungz, Capriisun, Benaddict, Obijuan, illiterate (Concept of Thought), Verbz, Vitamin G, Eerf Evil, Ella Mae Sueref, KLB & Kemastry, with cuts by DJ Tom Yum.

01. Mic Loud ft. Vitamin G & Verbz

02. Cracks ft. Klb

03. Craters ft. Capriisun

04. Death & Taxes ft. Freedom

05. Just Breathe ft. Eerf Evil

06. Beluga ft. Forktungz

07. Skit

08. Pop Rocks ft. Capriisun & Obijuan

09. Brighter Than Gold ft. Illiterate & Freedom

10. Sketches ft. Verbz

11. Wild Sweet ft. Kemastry

12. You Ain’t Gotta Be ft. Benaddict & Ella Mae Sueref

13. It Don’t Stop ft. DJ Tom Yum


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