The Mouse Outfit

Jagged Tooth Crook

Tmo Records

Introducing The Mouse Outfit’s third studio album, the 17 track Jagged Tooth Crook. With over 29 musicians, vocalists and producers involved in the album, this is their most ambitious project to date. Production has been overseen by the band founders Chini and Defty with help from synth wizard Metrodome (Levelz). Contributions have also come from the band’s drummer Deese and Pitch 92 (High Focus).

This album retains the trademark head nodding beats of the band’s previous releases, but on Jagged Tooth Crook, The Mouse Outfit’s jazz & soul influences are more evident. In truest form Chini and Defty have sought out a new generation of talent to collaborate with… soulstress IAMDDB and a roster of Manchester’s most talked about emcees and singers, including Kinkai, Berry Blacc, Ellis Meade, Dubbul O, T-Man and LayFullstop. Plus long time collaborators Fox, Sparkz, Dr Syntax & Black Josh also present alongside Birmingham based TrueMendous.

01. Pass Me The Ashtray ft. IAMDDB

02. Cut Em Loose ft. Berry Blacc, Kinkai & LayFullstop

03. Repeat ft. Dubbul O, Sparkz & Ellis Meade

04. Feeling High ft. IAMDDB & Kinkai

05. Money ft. Berry Blacc, Dubbul O & T-Man

06. I Wonder ft. IAMDDB & Fox

07. Won’t Lie Down ft. Berry Blacc & Dubbul O

08. Bring Me Down ft. Ellis Meade

09. Mama ft. Berry Blacc & T-Man

10. Jagged Tooth Crook ft. Kinkai

11. Trigger The Wave ft. Ellis Meade & Dubbul O

12. My Mission ft. IAMDDB & Kinkai

13. Beats All Day ft. Ellis Meade

14. Flex With Ya ft. Kinkai

15. It’s Just Like That ft. Black Josh & TrueMendous

16. Revolution ft. Ellis Meade & Dr Syntax

17. Late Night Doors ft. Berry Blacc, Dubbul O & Ellis


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