Ed Scissor & Lamplighter


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Ed Scissor + Lamplighter return with Joysville.

Written in the witching hour of lockdown one, Joysville represents a distinct shift in process from the duo. Ungoverned by the more meticulous considerations of the past, Joysville evolved freely from a small zip of instrumental sketches, before taking shape as a fully realised concept in the space of a short few weeks.

Ed Scissor’s signature storytelling, accompanied by Lamplighter’s sparse and spacious instrumentals, make Joysville their most personal and accomplished work to date.

01. Nighttime

02. The Bosky

03. Too Long Too Long

04. Plenty, Time

05. R U Alone?

06. Picture A Day

07. Slo-Mo Twilight

08. Been A Minute

09. Ghosts Of Joysville

10. Joysville

11. One Year Later

12. Valentines


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