Juice Crew Law Ft. All Stars / Check Out The Technique ft. Akil & Mysdiggi

DNA Edits
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DJ DSK drops a new 7″ release on his label DNA Edits in order to celebrate the legendary B-Boy crew “Juice Crew” from Shanghai.

The a-side track Juice Crew Law features Chrome & Whirlwind D on the rhymes and Specifik & Mr Wonderful on the cuts, who pay homage to MC Shan’s legendary Cold Chillin classic.

Whilst the b-side finds Akil (Jurassic 5) and Mysdiggi support DJ DSK with rhymes to make another amazing instrumental a great track titled C.O.T.T.

Includes a free DNA Edits sticker.

A. Juice Crew Law ft. Chrome, Whirlwind D, Mr Wonderful & Specifik

B. Check Out The Technique ft. Akil & Mystro


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