Kingdom Of Fear

Kingdom Of Fear

Ynr Productions

Super ill concept album fully produced by Jehst, drawing major influences from late great journalist Hunter S. Thompson, combining the vocal flow and drug induced madness of the one like Kashmere, plus Jehst on a few tracks too. Guest emcees, vocalists, dj’s and musicians also in for the ride; Micall Parknsun, Verb T, Mr Thing, DJ IQ, Jazz T, Diamara, Dick Trusay, Tamika Harris, and Biscuit of the Speakers Corner Quartet. Fully mixed down by the don dada Chemo, next level illness.

01. Freak Freak?!? Ft. Jehst

02. Real Big!! Ft. Jehst

03. Black Cheese Ft. Jehst

04. This ‘N’ That

05. 5 Star Telly (Baaallin)

06. Cool Groovy Hip & Square (Skit)

07. Live Without Love

08. Memorise Ft. Verb T

09. Fear N Loathing Ft. Diamara

10. Crocodile Lizardz??

11. Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar

12. Love ‘N’ Hate Ft. Micall Parknsun & Tamika Harris

13. Panik!!! Ft. Jehst

14. Kingdom Of Fear! (The Come Down)


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