Licensed To Kill

Knuckle Up / U Can't Tess The UK / The Unity In Hip Hop

Britcore Rawmance
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Some early 90’s flavour from Tufkut outta Beats In Progress, and his original crew LTK alongside emcee 2Fine. Knuckle Up is an unreleased track from dat tape in 1992, remastered and kickin’ hard as bones. Whilst the flipside of this transparent yellow 7″ pressing houses two remastered tracks from their very limited, and hard to find, 1991 white label split LP with DJ Life. Raw to the core britcore bangerz. Nah sleep, dope styles how it used to run, hard… Comes with a detailed write up on the double sided cover from Tufkut himself.

A1. Knuckle Up

B1. U Can’t Tess With The UK

B2. The Unity In Hip Hop


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