Kuartz FM

Village Live Records
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Kuartz follows up his excellent Koishiteru album in a similar vain right here, flooded with ill soul samples and chops, neck cracking beats and snares, and a flow like no other, radio show stylee with call ins, radio jingles and skits throughout.

An outstanding display of beats once again. It also comes housed in a gatefold sleeve too, nice touch.

A1. Intro (Oh Dam)

A2. Don’t Wanna Leave

A3. Don’t Walk Away

A4. The City

A5. Changin’

A6. No One Else

A7. Smile

B1. Ice Cream

B2. Too High ft. El Statiko

B3. Calculated

B4. Thats Fair

B5. Swifty

B6. Across The Sky

B7. Goodbye (Outro)


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