Bristol based Aristocrats crew come correct with their debut album after a hefty warm up with two EP’s, here they lay down their swagger over beats from JMaxfield, dubL $w£ggrz, Contemplate & Jucas, a mixture of original boom bap sounds, double time riddims and trap claps, completed with some ill rhyme schemes from Stash and Stil Bizzy. Life In Konstant Ripples comes in a full colour card wallet. Get to know, we’ve been bumpin’ this one hard.

01. L.I.K.R.

02. Art Of War

03. Hit The Shuffle ft. Harvs

04. Cruella De Vil

05. 10 Pack O’ Regal ft. Cool Hand, Caskevet & Rittens

06. Flip It

07. Foggy Day

08. Chatting Makka

09. Gore-Tex

10. Just In Timbs ft. Twisted Pennys, G.Rich & Drapes

11. One Foot Touch

12. Rollin’ The Grass

13. Like Dis

14. Yung Flakey


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