Jam Baxter & Ed Scissor

Laminated Cakes

High Focus Records
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Jam Baxter, Ed Scissor and GhostTown spent the Summer of 2012 penning songs in Holloway, North London. In the same short few weeks that Team GB bought glory to the capital, the trio lay the foundations for Laminated Cakes; an album inspired by the unhinged, non-stop and totally uncontrollable hedonism that defined that particular summer.

It was a good one.

If anything, Laminated Cakes is a wondrous time capsule; five years in stasis, but still fresher than the laminated confectionaries that inspired the movement.

(Limited edition shrink wrapped vinyl in a full colour sleeve)

A1. Fairy Cakes

A2. Gypsy Tart

A3. First Bite

A4. Dump Cakes

A5. Sink

B6. Excellent Donuts

B7. Dreamcake

B8. Cake Of Death

B9. Pie And Coffee

B10. Pipe Smoke

B11. Cake Gang Ft. Chester P & Dirty Dike

B12. The Very Last Slice


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