Philly B

Let It Play

Philly Driven Riddim

Philly B presents his debut production album Let It Play on Philly Driven Riddim, a massive release with an equally massive sound and line up, the likes of Dabbla, Son Of Light, Dubbledge, DJ Frosty, Cobes, Stig of the Dump, King Kaiow, Jam Baxter, Mikey D.O.N, Dirty Dike, Killer Dread and Ann-Marie Lataile all lending their vocals to the selection of big productions from Philly, don’t miss out.

01. Let It Play Ft. Dabbla, Son Of Light, Dubbledge & DJ Frosty

02. You Suck Ft. Dabbla

03. Lookin’ 4 Cheques Ft. Mikey D.O.N

04. Everywhere I Go Ft. Cobes

05. Belonging Ft. Dabbla, Stig Of The Dump, King Kaiow & Jam Baxter

06. Crunch Time Ft. King Kaiow, Ann-Marie Lataille & Dabbla

07. Status Ft. King Kaiow

08. Platinum F****N Rhombus Ft. Dj Frosty

09. Never Ft. Jam Baxter & Dirty Dike

10. Love Ft. Mikey D.O.N

11. Gas & Air Ft. Cobes & Killer Dread

12. The General (All Aboard Riddim Pt 1) Ft. Dubbledge

13. Questions (All Aboard Riddim Pt 2) Ft. Killer Dread

14. Money 2 Da Rescue ft. Dubbledge & Dabbla


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