Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon

Let's Talk

Tactical Thinking Ent.

Syntax & Cannon combine like voltron, coming outta the speaker stack with a sack of ill tracks, the long-awaited third proper full-length collaboration from the duo, Let’s Talk is full to the brim with ill beats, and of course rhymes. Dr Syntax fully entertains, as ever, and Pete Cannon can quite literally, do no wrong. Such a dope album, once again. Digipack cd steez.

01. Nuggets

02. Pearls Of Wisdom

03. Baby Talk

04. Lose My Shirt

05. Sock It To ‘Em ft. Gardna

06. Limitless

07. Growing Pains

08. Let’s Talk

09. My Living ft. Illaman

10. Lies Upon Lies

11. One Of The Illest

12. Ice Cold

13. Part Of The Journey

14. Come Around

15. Love Thing

16. Toxic Love (Skit)

17. Just One More


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