Leaf Dog

Live From The Balrog Chamber

Real Life Drama Records

Live From The Balrog Chamber is an 18 track album that features Havoc (Mobb Deep), Grand Puba, Edo G, Cella Dwellas, BVA, Smellington Piff, Thirstin Howl III & The Last Emperor and is produced entirely by Leaf Dog, except one track produced by Fel Sweetenberg.

01. Keep Rising

02. Love Is Love

03. Sweetness

04. What You Don’t Know ft. Grand Puba

05. Rhyme Chemist ft. Cella Dwellas & BVA

06. Under The Spell ft. Smellington Piff

07. Take A Second

08. Warning

09. Time Bandits ft. The Last Emperor

10. For You

11. Still Thirsty ft. Thirstin Howl III & BVA

12. Legend ft. Havoc & BVA

13. Illusion

14. Only If You Can

15. Never Thought

16. What We Earn

17. Tryna Keep ft. Edo G

18. Roll With Me


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