Kung Fu

'Live' Vol. 01 : December 2001-July 2002

Kung Fu / Spine TV
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Legendary status, 2 hours of footage taken from London’s infamous Kung Fu club, presented by Unorthodox Styles/Spine TV and documenting the first 6 months at Camden’s Underworld venue. Featuring live performances and interviews with Jehst, Skinnyman, Harry Love, Braintax, Task Force, Mystro, Phi-Life Cypher, Klashnekoff, Est’elle, Yungun, Doc Brown, Mud Family, Scor-Zay-Zee, Sarah Love, Titan Sounds, Kope, Ms Dynamite, Tommy Evans and many many more. Plus a whole bunch of extras.

And ladies, if you wanna look fly check out these original Kung Fu vest tops we have too.

(2nd hand, near mint condition, just had a few scuffs to the back of the dvd that’s all)


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