Metric Breaks

Dinked Records
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DJ DSK presents Metric Breaks, a scratch 7″ for the portabilst scene and all scratch DJs out there. Including 4 skipless scratches @ 100 bpm, 5 skipless scratches @ 83bpm, and 2 scratch sentences @ 100 bpm. Kut it up fresh!!! Comes in a full colour cover, plus a free Metric Breaks sticker.

A1. Intro

A2. Beatbox & Drums

A3. Cuts To The Break Of Dawn, Dope, Fresh

A4. Oh My God, Bite It, Ohhh

A5. Psychopath On The Phonograph, Ahhh

A6. Scratch Sentence 1

B1. Ahhh, Fresh, Beep

B2. Shhh, Come Bad Bwoy, Ohhh

B3. Stab, Rock Rock, Get Busy, Run It

B4. Get Back, Clap, Hit Me

B5. I’m Funky Fresh, Cut, Ahhh

B6. Scratch Sentence 2


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