Ramson Badbonez

Mic Day The 13th

High Focus Records

Following on from Ramson Badbonez’ super limited Jason Bonez concept album release in May 2018, the rapper is once again donning the blood stained hockey mask as he returns to the character of Jason Bonez and presents us with the blood curdling Mic Day The 13th. Continuing where the first Jason Bonez left off, this LP is heavily influenced by the cult classic horror film Friday The 13th – Badbonez proceeds to execute, mangle & massacre everything in his path over 12 expertly produced tunes, taking care to explore different flow patterns and cadences on each track, a true feat considering Badbonez’ already very impressive level of lyricism. Featuring gritty production from Illinformed, Jazz T, Skeleton Key & Mark Fear Beats; Mic Day The 13th is not for the faint hearted, taking the term hardcore to levels unheard.

01. Jasons Journal

02. Haunted Houses

03. Sticks & Stones

04. Weirdos

05. Stuttering Psychopath

06. Halloween Rap Regime

07. Machete Madness (Continuation)

08. Blue Or Red Pill

09. Face Down Floating

10. Ghouls & Goonies

11. My Perfect Storm


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