Task Force

Music From The Corner Vol.5


Highbury Estate’s finest come alive once again for the last in the MFTC series, and truss, it’s well worth the wait. Chester P & Farma G go in on every level, giving the listener an epic collection of soundscapes painting some truly vivid pictures with their wordplay. An amazing set of beats produced by Farma too, with live instrumentation and cuts from the don Louis Slipperz throughout. First Class Burial.

01. Intro

02. Indie Anna

03. God’s Fire On A Summer Night

04. Esp

05. Land Of Thunder (Skit)

06. Shark Fin Soup

07. Money, Gold, Jewelry & More

08. Save Me!

09. Stanley Doppleganger

10. Sunless Lullaby

11. Soft Giants

12. The Observer (Skit)

13. A Grey Mist

14. Butterfly Effect

15. Found A Way

16. Rocky’s Speech (Skit)

17. Keep Moving

18. Blunted Razors

19. Love (Skit)

20. Another Day


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