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Task Force

Music From The Corner Volume 3

Music From The Corner

2004 release from the Highbury highway men Task Force aka Chester P & Farma G, Volume 3 of their legendary Music From The Corner series.

(Only 1 copy in stock)

01. Intro

02. Fire

03. Who Is It?

04. Junkyard Kids

05. Remus Returns ft. Remus

06. Run For The Sun

07. Dreams On A Big Scale

08. March Of The Beatnicks

09. Buttaflys Reprise

10. Marijhvanabis (Skit)

11. Farewell Tidings

12. No One Knows

13. A World Without Love

14. The Sentence

15. Yesterdays Hell Hole

16. Tomorrow

17. Raining Again

18. Radio Babble On

19. Outro


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