Chester P

New Mic Order - The Mixtape Pt.2

Chessmonster Entertainment / Suspect Packages

Chester P Hackenbush unleashes part 2 of the New Mic Order mixtape, brand new productions from Farma G, Louis Slipperz & Chester P himself. Mixed down by Chester P, Farma G & Inja, and mastered by Bioviolence, absolute fire from the get go!

This CD version is a collaboration with Suspect Packages and also contains three new accoustic tracks, not found on the download release, all instruments played by Chester P & Cousin Dan.

(Comes in a slim card wallet)

01. Midnight Mescaline

02. Woman

03. Ay Senor ft. Inja, Farma G & Remus

04. Dedication

05. Bars

06. Murder In The Rec Room

07. Little Man

08. Le Fleur De Mal

09. Ush

10. Season Of Murder

11. Santos Christos

12. Hi Jack

13. Soundboy Killer ft.Inja

14. A.T.W.A. (Bonus Track)

15. Sunday Storms (Bonus Track)

16. Boarhawk Talk (Standing Alone Complex) (Bonus Track)


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