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Tommy Evans

New Year's Revolutions

Ynr Productions

Tommy Evans’s debut album from 2004 with beats by Jehst, LG & many more, also featuring cameos from Selin Thomas, Nuwella, D.Ablo, The Colony & Neneh Cherry. Also includes two bonus hidden tracks.

01. Manifesto (Intro)

02. Good Vibes Ft. Selvin Thomas

03. Inferno

04. Lovemusic

05. The Mysteries

06. Jugganaught

07. The Parallax View

08. Revolutions Ft. Nuwella

09. Transitions (Time Capsule Part 2)

10. Binyard 2 Vinyard Ft. D.Ablo

11. Move…Now!

12. Another Hit Ft. The Colony & Nuwella

13. Remain Forever Ft. Neneh Cherry


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