Sonnyjim & Giallo Point

No Vi$ible Means Of Income


UK Hip-Hop has been making major moves in the underground scene worldwide, with individuals just like emcee Sonnyjim and producer Giallo Point gaining recognition all over the globe. The two have started the new year releasing their collaboration full-length No Vi$ible Means Of Income, a package of 11 masterfully executed joints on which Sonnyjim tales of lavish living and hustling perfectly blend in with Giallo’s seamless trademark productions. The two have recruited friends and collaborators such as Crimeapple, Estee Nack and Vic Spencer to top this incredible gem.

(A limited edition of 100 cassettes)

A1. £

A2. Belgravia

A3. Real Estate

A4. Breakfast At The Wolsely

A5. Stretch Armstrong ft. Estee Nack

A6. 8 Ravioli Bags ft. Crimeapple

B1. Cocaine Mountain

B2. Doinks ft. Vic Spencer

B3. Shoebox Shotty

B4. Funny Colour Foreign

B5. Zamira H


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