Adhd Concerto 77

Nobodies Home

Blah Records
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Nobodies Home is a production team made up of rapper/producers Lee Scott & Sniff and multi instrumentalist Jack Chard. Their debut release ADHD Concerto 77 is a continuous piece made chronologically, start to finish in two single session files (side A and B), starring Lee Scott & Sniff on vocals.

A limited pressing of 250 copies.

A1. Neck Deep

A2. Cold Cuppa

A3. Alan

A4. Bob Dolite

A5. Nothing

A6. A Prelude To Happiness

A7. All Smiles

A8. Nobody’s Sonata

B1. Alan II

B2. Stamp Collection

B3. Unfuckwithables

B4. Kill Yourself

B5. Stacy Keibler

B6. A Message From Jish

B7. Who Drank All The Juice ft. Black Josh & Salar

B8. Dom Jolly


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