Smellington Piff

Notice Of Eviction

Real Life Drama Records

Smellington Piff’s debut album, 18 seriously killah tracks produced by the don like Leaf Dog. Also featuring Son Doobie (Funkdoobiest), Rag n Bone Man, Leaf Dog, BVA, Verb T, Fliptrix, Lee Scott, Bill Shakes, Jack Jetson, Eric the Red and Cracker Jon. Simply put… incredibleness!

(Duel case cd with 12 page booklet)

01. Intro

02. Opposites Attract

03. End Of Discussion

04. Gorilla Growers Ft. Son Doobie, Leaf Dog & BVA

05. Site

06. Scallywag Chat

07. The Base Ft. Cracker Jon, Jack Jetson, Eric The Red, Leaf Dog & BVA

08. Authentic Fakes Ft. Rag N Bone Man

09. Food Chain

10. 80 Degrees Ft. Verb T & Fliptrix

11. Real Lifes Happening

12. After The Storm Ft. Life

13. What A Waste

14. Boxed In The Square Ft. BVA

15. Ununighted Kingdumb

16. Mad Mans Anthem Ft. Leaf Dog & Bill Shakes

17. Riddle Me This Ft. Lee Scott

18. Be Humble


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