MC Duke

Organised Rhyme

Original Dope

Originally released in 1989 by Music Of Life, and re-packaged by the Original Dope label for today’s market. Featuring a 14 page booklet scribed by MC Duke & HHC’s Andy Cowan, on the release and times surrounding this monumental album, also coming complete with 7 bonus tracks featuring Duke’s first recording and new material too, bonafied flavour from the original dappa dan.

01. Organised Rhyme

02. Miracles

03. We Got To Work

04. For The Girls

05. Free

06. Gotta Get Your Own

07. Throw Your Hands In The Air

08. Running Man

09. I’m Riffin’

10. The Alternative Argument

11. I Don’t Care Anymore

12. Jus-Dis (Bonus Track)

13. Freestyle (Live 1989) (Bonus Track)

14. The Futurist (Bonus Track)

15. Positive Ways -Feat.Kelz (Bonus Track)

16. Revolutions Happen (Bonus Track)

17. Still Riffin’ (Bonus Track)


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