Ill Move Sporadic & Tenchoo

Panic Room 9

Starch Records
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An absolute bomb drop of a release, Ill Move Sporadic aka production duo 1Boss & Ben81, lacing the soundscape with Tenchoo, bringing the operation into Panic Room 9 to life and battering the mic booth, baaad. An incredible set of beats from IMS, with one of the best in the game, finally bringing the game. Don’t sleep.

A1. Start Of An Era

A2. Chess Pieces

A3. Tip Toe Calypso

A4. Who’s On The One ft. Sleaford Mods

B5. 9% Lager Cauldron

B6. Ducking

B7. Melee ft. Dj Versatile

B8. Gimme Room


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