Parallel Action ft. Charlie Boy Manson

Memories / 10/10

C7NEMA100 / Loose Lips
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Introducing a unique collaborative project from labels C7NEMA100 & Loose Lips, joining forces to present a standout hip hop experiment, fusing raw production with burning lyricism and punk-inspired attitude.

Trip hop breaks, filmic atmospheres and sound system basslines of C7NEMA100’s founder, Parallel Action, meet intense and twisted raps, written and performed by Loose Lips’ Charlie Boy Manson, a mysterious character challenged by the constant plight of hedonism and debauchery.

Parallel Action is a brand new project and direction from producer and composer, Jude Greenaway, aka Scanone. Taking inspiration from Jude’s audio & visual work, this new approach has been a few years in the making and combines downtempo, trip hop, jazz and electronica with cinematic atmospheres. At the heart of the motivation behind Parallel Action is collaborative work with a range of innovative vocalists, storytellers and talented musicians, creating a sound that is emotionally engaging and seeping with darkly brewing intensity.

Charlie Boy Manson is a Manchester-based rapper and mysterious alter-ego. He tells his trip-like, self-obsessed stories in a uniquely poetic way, doing so via collaborations with forward-thinking producers from across the musical spectrum. Expect the pairing of lo-fi twisted rap with everything from Doom-esque beats to industrial misdemeanours.

A1. Memories (Vocal)

A2. Memories (Inst)

B1. 10/10 (Vocal)

B2. 10/10 (Inst)



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