Creatures Of Habit

Parasites Paradise

Real Life Drama Records

Eric The Red, Sean Peng & Illinformed aka Creatures of Habit come correct with their second album Parasites Paradise. A fourteen track belter entirely produced by Illinformed and featuring guest spots from the likes of BVA, Datkid, DJ Kopfschuss, Jack Jetson, Leaf Dog & Pertrelli.

01. Faking No Moves ft. DJ Kopfschuss

02. Still Buggin

03. I Keep It Me ft. Datkid

04. No Smoke ft. DJ Kopfschuss

05. Won’t Lie ft. Leaf Dog & Pertrelli

06. Two Tokes ft. BVA

07. Bugs Life

08. Alone ft. Leaf Dog

09. Deadly Techniques

10. The Devil’s Hands

11. Strange Trip ft. Jack Jetson

12. Brain Surgery

13. Wormhole

14. Hands Of Time


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