Patriot Games

Vinyl Solution
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Groundbreaking business outta 1993, the tape version of Gunshot’s highly respected Patriot Games album, classic status, nuff said.

(2nd hand, very good+ condition tape, very good condition sleeve, only 1 copy in stock)

A1. Manhunt ft. Alan Scott, Barry Blue & Clivee

A2. 25 Gun Salute

A3. Gunshots History

A4. Reign Of Terror

A5. World War 3

A6. Radio?

A7. Day Of The Jackals

A8. Underworld Crime Soldiers

B1. Bombing In 5 Minutes

B2. Patriot Games

B3. Mind Of A Razor (Crime Story 2)

B4. The Cholo

B5. Year 2000

B6. Bullets Entering Chest ft. Barry Blue

B7. Game Over!


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