Sonnyjim X Da Flyy Hooligan X Juga-Naut

Polo Palace

Tuff Kong Records
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Jheez! This one’s smooth as fuck, Sonnyjim, Da Fly Hooligan & Juga-Naut all combine, Sonny & Jugz take care of the production, with one from NCL-TM. Lo-Life’s Thirstin Howl & Rack Lo also feature. So fresh, so clean. Nah mean.

A limited hand numbered pressing of 200 sealed black vinyl copies.

A1. Thirstin Howl

A2. Orinoco Backpack

A3. Gold Haemoglobin

A4. Polo Palace

A5. Victorian Bed Spread

B1. 400.000 In Da Palace

B2. Big Crest

B3. Palace In Da Cosmos ft. Rack-Lo

B4. Nat King Coke

B5. London Boutiques ft. Thirstin Howl The 3rd


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