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Long time emcee Nomad steps up to long time label SFDB, releasing a brand new vinyl EP for the label after a while off the scene. Now this emcee’s been around a minute, you may, or may not have heard of him, yet he’s been there, and done that, up and down the country. Jumping on open mic’s and leaving the crowd wanting more, and finally he’s found a home on the quality label that is SFDB outta Cardiff, yet he’s from Hull. Long story…

So whus’ the deal here then? Fellow Hull residents, brothers Daniel and Mark Richardson take up the production onbaord, five tunes of flowing, heavy psychedelic Hip Hop is a great way to announce yourself. The Richardson’s production techniques included dragging in old distortion pedals, vintage phasers and even an old Leslie speaker into the studio to create the effects used on the vocals. And the music? They came armed with only an MPC, a sole Technics 1200 and a fat flight case full of some of the rarest breaks out there. Proof they know what they’re doing. All sampled off vinyl, and with a solitary microphone.

Real Hip Hop.

A1. Feral

A2. Livin’ It

B1. Put Your Feet Up

B2. Athens In Mordor

B3. End Of The Beginning


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