Verbz & Mr Slipz

Radio Waves

High Focus Records
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Tune that dial into 2202 FM and get, get on down to the sounds of Verbz on the mic, Mr Slipz on the beats, it’s Radio Waves time! Stay locked. Full of ultra slick production and wordplay, these two compliment each other so well, an impressive guest line up broadcasting across the towns and cities too, the likes of Melanin 9, Fliptrix, Datkid, Alex Holy, Upfront, Confucius MC, Nelson Dialect, Benaddict & Coops all drop verses, and vocalists Riah & Indira May also pass by the studio. Impressive stuff.

(Limited double marble blue vinyl edition)

a1. 2202 FM

a2. Radio Skit 1

a3. Changed

a4. Falling ft. Melanin 9

a5. Summer In The Bits

a6. Scenes

b7. Radio Skit 2

b8. Decline Of Self ft. Confucius MC & Coops

b9. Piece Of Shit

b10. Hold Ur Own

b11. Kno Tha Status ft. Axel Holy, Datkid & Upfront

c12. Radio Skit 3

c13. The Rain ft. Riah

c14. Weekend Blues ft. Indira May

c15. Men Can Breathe ft. Benaddict

c16. Limitless

d17. Radio Skit 4

d18. My Wonders ft. Fliptrix

d19. The Feeling

d20. Hope ft. Nelson Dialect

d21. In My Mind

d22. Radio Skit 5


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