Red Master

Unsung King

Same Brain Entertainment

Red Master was very active in the UK Hip Hop scene between 2000 and 2006, best known for featuring on projects from Disorda and Tom Caruana and founding the Same Brain Entertainment crew which consisted of V.E.X. (now Ageing Rapper Vex), Crucifix (now CRXSS) and Slinga. The period culminated in the independent release of his debut album, I’m Right, You’re Wrong, produced entirely by Beat Butcha (before he was famous), in addition to the release of his self-produced crew mixtape Same Brain Entertainment – The Mixtape Volume 1 (now available digitally under the name Same Brain – The Old Testament).
Red Master was highly regarded for his unrivalled flow patterns and over-the-top bravado and lyricism. After a 15-year hiatus, his second album, Unsung King, drops in 2021, promising to be one of the most relentlessly hardcore and lyrical hip hop albums ever to come out of the UK.

01. To Die in the Summer (Part 1)

02. Don’t Anger Him

03. Sun of God

04. Lap of Honour

05. Anthem ft. Ageing Rapper Vex

06. Murder Capital

07. To Die in the Summer (Part 2)

08. Onslaught ft. Ageing Rapper Vex

09. Only for Connoisseurs

10. Narcissist ft. Ageing Rapper Vex

11. Egg of the King ft. CRXSS

12. To Die in the Summer (Part 3)

13. Broken Dreams


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