Gee Bag X Illinformed

Respect Your Elders!

Revorg Records

Emcee Gee Bag steps up to the mic booth for South London’s Revorg Records and lays it down neatly over a supreme set of Illinformed beats, both excell inna fine fashion, a combination of excellence right here, Respect Your Elders indeed. Featured guests also include Rodney P, El Da Sensei, The Strange Neighbour, Ash The Author, Verbz, Datkid, Jman, Phoenix Da Icefire and more.

Limited edition digipack cd.

01. Benjamin Button

02. Dog House Ft. Doug Sure

03. Do This

04. Bully

05. I Can Be

06. Speak Easy Ft. Phoenix Da Icefire & Unique Hastings

07. American Dreams

08. Foreigners

09. Coming In Ft. Jman, Upfront, Joey Paro, Datkid, Oliver Sudden, Doug Sure, Flying Monk, The Strange Neighbour & Big Toast

10. My Brain Ft. Doug Sure, Mas Law, Nina Khadija & Ash The Author

11. What You Speaking For? Ft. Verbz & The Strange Neighbour

12. Chinese Whispers Ft. Rodney P

13. Scarred Face Ft. Mysdiggi

14. Increase (Illinformed Remix)

15. Put Me On Ft. Neek The Exotic (Illinformed Remix)

16. Annihilate Ft. El Da Sensei (Illinformed Remix)


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