Brothers Of The Stone

Return To Stoney Island

Real Life Drama Records

A monsterous Return To Stoney Island for the Brothers Of The Stone, fully going in on each and every track onboard! The album is entirely produced by Illinformed, with lyrics by Leaf Dog and BVA. Featured verses also include stateside kings M.O.P., Inspectah Deck, Young Zee & Rome Streetz, plus our very own Smellington Piff and Eric the Red. Plus there’s ill cuts by Jazz T.

01. Smokey Smokey

02. Can’t Touch The Flow Ft. Jazz T

03. Duckits Ft. M.O.P.

04. Everything

05. Fanning The Flames Ft. Smellington Piff

06. Reverse Forecast

07. Overseers Ft. Inspectah Deck

08. Capital I

09. Return To Stoney Island Ft. Young Z & Jazz T

10. Feed For The Greed

11. The Desert

12. On A Roam

13. The Ending Ft. Rome Streetz

14. Can’t See Me

15. Stone Of The Brothers Ft. Eric The Red


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