Rift Valley

Rift Valley

Soundweight Records
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An all instrumental and self-titled affair from Rift Valley, aka DJ Drinks, full of distilled breaks and thick layers courtesy of the 1990s-era Emu Systems samplers. Recorded and mixed throughout 2016, and meticulously laid back to BASF 468 Master tape on a Revox B77. It doesn’t get much better than is, smooth yet hard as nails. Great artwork too.

A1. Prelude

A2. Sun Child

A3. Ormus

A4. Zenith

A5. Vantablack

A6. Intervals

A7. The Valley

A8. Tropic Of Cancer

B1. The Way Things Were

B2. The Way Things Were (Reprise)

B3. Dexter’s Blues

B4. Shiherlis

B5. Temple

B6. Counter Point

B7. Runaway


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