Alpha Steppa

Rooted & Grounded

Steppas Records

Steppas Records presents Rooted & Grounded, the debut album from Alpha Steppa. The son and nephew of UK dub pioneers Alpha & Omega (Greensleeves/VP), Alpha Steppa has been surrounded by soundsystem and dubplate culture from a young age. Now a talented producer in his own right, his productions connect the dots between the music which he has grown up around and the new generation of UK bass music of which he is a part. His dubbed out style draws upon the sounds of his musical heritage, filtered through an exploration of the newer sounds of contemporary bass music.

Alpha Steppa was born into a climate of dub, when he first opened his eyes and ears in the late 1980’s he witnessed a family submerged in dub reggae music, his dad made dub, his auntie made dub, his uncle made dub and his mum listened to dub in the kitchen. 28 years later, Rooted & Grounded stands testament to a life spent in dub and tells the story of Alpha Steppa.

Diverse and forward thinking dub music with a deep roots foundation. Currently championed by a range of soundsystems from across the bass music spectrum; from Roots veterans Channel One Soundsystem, to UK Steppers pioneers Iration Steppas to Dubstep originator V.I.V.E.K.

Maximum vibrations keeping you locked throughout this whole album, from vocal to dubwise treatment, spiritual healing soundsystem music in it’s highest form, wise and extra sized.

(Double tray digipack cd containing an extended version of the album, and three bonus tracks)

Disc 1 – Rooted:

01. Catharsis Part I Ft. Chazbo & Cyp

02. The Peacock

03. Teachings Ft. Sistah Awa

04. The Gift

05. Mix Up Fix Up Ft. Prince Jamo

06. Rooted Ft. Cologne

07. In The City Ft. Wellette Seyon

08. Warmonger Man Ft. Ras Tinny

09. The River Ft. I-Sarana

10. Sannyasa

11. Kare Kare

12. Motherland Ft. Kiangana (Bonus Track)

13. The Bubble (Bonus Track)

Disc 2 – Grounded:

01. Catharsis Part Ii Ft. Chazbo & Cyp

02. The Peacock Returns

03. No Teachings, No Teacher, No Student Ft. Sistah Awa

04. The Friend

05. Mix Dub Fix Dub Ft. Prince Jamo

06. Grounded Ft. Cologne

07. Return To The City Ft. Wellette Seyon

08. Warmonger Man Returns Ft. Ras Tinny

09. The Eternal River Ft. I-Sarana

10. Moksha

11. Return To Kare Kare

12. Wicked Spirits Are Gone Ft. Kiangana

13. The Lake (Bonus Track)


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