Sample Everything

IBMC's / Mr. Grim Productions

Beatmaker Pandamonium’s Sample Everything is exactly that! Taking you on a journey through 15 sample heavy, boom bap gems, crafted specifically for this LP to give the world a virtual glimpse into Pandamonium himself and what he is all about through the medium of music.

With his signature word play style scratch hooks in abundance throughout and catchy sampling technique, this may well prove to be a cornerstone in Pandamonium’s music career that you don’t want to miss!

01. Stop It

02. Habit

03. Natural

04. On The DL

05. The Jazz

06. Nintendo Power

07. Sweet Boom Bap Harmony (An Ode To The UK Rave Scene)

08. Intermission (skit)

09. No More

10. The Amazing Pand

11. Play Your Piano

12. I Gotta Vibe (An Ode To PR & CL)

13. Spell The Name Right

14. Get Down

15. Bounce Like A Bad Cheque


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