Big Toast & Sofa King

Save Yourself Kill Them All

Revorg Records

Bangin’ limited edition CD run of Big Toast & Sofa King’s Save Yourself Kill Them All finds TPS & Revorg Records henchman emcee Big Toast, teamed up with the heavyweight producer Sofa King, slinging head shots at tarquin. The combination is dope, it seems Sofa King has bought the best out of Toast, he rips it. There are featured vocals from UK Soul singer Greg Blackman, TPS cohorts Jack Diggs & The Strange Neighbour, as well as Gee Bag, Skrabl & Ogre Drool.

(Comes in a full colour card wallet)

01. Intro

02. Science Bitch

03. Live Beige

04. Foxtons ft. Jack Diggs & Strange Neighbour

05. Babies ft. Ogre Drool

06. Mind Wars ft. Greg Blackman, Gee Bag & Skrabl

07. Save Yourself Kill Them All


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