Scrambled Eggs 2

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Remulak Presents: Scrambled Eggs 2, a dazzling new stage show featuring Somnus Trip & his invisible Egg Band.

After the worldwide success of his first release, Mr Egg developed a new found confidence within the music biz and decided to strike while the egg pan was hot to chase his lifelong dream of touring the world as a musician.

After months of deliberation it was decided that Mr Egg would introduce his new alter ego to the masses – and so the spectacular Somnus Trip was born!

This stage show is about the highs and lows of life on the road with Somnus Trip & his Invisible Egg Band.

(Black vinyl pressing, limited edition of 100)

A1. Welcome To The Show

A2. Rise & Shine

A3. Up Out Yer Seats

A4. Cue The Music

A5. I’ve Got This

A6. A Bit Woozay

A7. Prepare To Be Dazzled

A8. Get Your Ice Creams

B1. A Load Of Old Pony

B2. Moments Of Hapiness

B3. Trips Glorious Emporium

B4. And For My Next Trick

B5. I’ve Walked Many Roads

B6. It’s Not Over Til It’s Over

B7. A Sea Of Empty Chairs


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