Verb T

Serious Games

Ynr Productions

Live and direct for YNR Productions and featuring some straight blazing beats from Chemo, Jon Phonics, JJ Malone and the Verb-meister himself, plus guest appearances from Jehst, Kashmere, Kyza, Dubbledge, Skrein, Fliptrix and Graziella – this album is packed with bangers, straight up head-nodders and brain boggling experimentation!! Beats, rhymes and life – the Verb T way!

01. Voodoo Sermon

02. I’m A Hero

03. Serious Games Interlude

04. Sound The Alarm ft. Kashmere

05. Life Is… ft. Kyza & Dubbledge

06. Right Now

07. Extra Fried

08. Phillip Wasteman

09. Impressionable Minds

10. Affairs

11. Bounce With Me ft. Graziella

12. Closer ft. Jehst

13. Help Me Out ft. Kashmere

14. Tearing The Sky Down ft. Fliptrix & Kashmere

15. Let Me Stay

16. The Long Run ft. Skrein & Graziella

17. Vacant State

18. Trusays Crib ft. Dick Trusay


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